Call out for 2014 Senior Models

2014 senior models wanted

2014 senior models wanted

Time to get rolling on the next top models!  This is the perfect time to get models into the studio to gather marketing material for the next new batch of seniors….2014!  You are soooo close!  I need models from all over the area….Elk Point, Dakota Valley, Vermillion, Yankton, Beresford, Heelen, Sioux City Schools, South Sioux City, Ponca, Akron, Canton, Harrisburg, ________, fill in your school if I have missed you.

I am located right in the heart of these schools.  Go to fill out an application for an interview.  Read it carefully to see if you fit with my program!  Call or text me at 712-204-4222 if you have questions. I am ready to start shooting new ideas and get some seniors in here to work on them!

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