You’ve probably heard of the type: the artsy-fartsy art and music nerd.  Well, that’s me!  I started piano at age 8 and never looked back!  In 5th grade I had a classroom teacher who liked art.  I decided then that I wanted to be an art teacher.  So the natural thing to do was to go to college and major in Art and minor in Music!

I got to teach art AND music!  I never could have imagined back then what a blessing those two decisions would be for me.  After teaching music for many years on my second career time (I got to stay home and raise my 6 kids before jumping into the music education world!  My 6th child and I started school the same year!), I got hungry for my art.

My daughter had developed an interest and talent for photography in our local 4-H program.  We had a lot of fun with that.  As I considered looking for a 3rd career, I began to think that photography would be a good niche for me.  It would satisfy my creative energy.  The digital age was upon us and I had always loved graphic design.  It was a perfect fit.

I am having so much fun applying my 30+ years of child raising and teaching.  I get to design with the awesome program Adobe Photoshop, and I have learned a whole new skill with the digital camera.

My goal for you as my client is to give you a homey atmosphere where everyone can relax.  No one will gawk at you as they go about their shopping.  No one will rush you as we make your 2 year old comfortable.  Your husband will find it convenient to come to my home instead of head to the city.  As you begin to enjoy yourself, we can start recording the essence of who you are: just you, your relationships, this moment in time that will never be again.

I am located in the country by I29 almost halfway between Sioux City, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  My husband and I live on a beautiful farm that is a blast to shoot at.  I am not too far from Akron, Iowa; Vermillion, South Dakota; Yankton, South Dakota; Beresford, South Dakota; and Newcastle, Nebraska…just across the bridge!  Please call and we’ll talk about your needs.  If I can help, I would love to.

YOU are a work of art.  I guarantee to capture that for you or your money back!

Jeanne, the 16×24 sounds wonderful. Let’s go with that size. I forgot to ask you about the next steps. About how long does all that normally take? Just wondering because I’m SO EXCITED!! You did such a beautiful job. My mom was definitely right about you having a great eye. Thank you so much. We are very grateful for your talent.

Just a quick note to thank you for the pictures. The colors were wonderful…I just wish all the kids had been there. Oh well, next time.

But thanks for doing that. They turned out just wonderful.


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