For children: Tell you child how much fun he/she will have.  They will get to go to the farm.  Often the horses are up at the fence looking for someone to pet them!  Talk about it as a “field trip” experience.  They will meet this “neat lady” and have fun.

If we are inside the studio, I will take plenty of time for the child to look at the space.  I may ignore the child and just visit with you for awhile so the child doesn’t think I am a babysitter.   We will take our time, there is not rush.  This is what I can offer working in my home and setting my own appointment schedule.

I will want to have time with your child WITHOUT parental input! (no offense, but it seems to go better if I am giving the direction without a parent demanding a certain behavior!)  I am plenty patient and can usually move the child into a place where we get awesome portraits.

I highly recommend an outdoor shoot if the weather is nice.  How often do you get to take professional portraits at a beautiful farm?  I have so many places to photograph.  I expect a child to take advantage of the open spaces.  Depending on the light conditions, outfit colors, age, etc. I will steer them to that special spot.

For families: When you put effort into your clothing choices, you raise the level of satisfaction at the end of the experience.  Photos look more professional.  Since you are investing in this experience with a professional, you are wanting a portrait that will be special.  Bold stripes, commercials on the shirts, and wild prints are to be avoided!

For most seasons, a simple button down shirt with jeans or khakis looks fine.  In the fall or winter, layers of textured clothing, hats, scarves, etc. add interest to the portrait.  Dark colors are more flattering for adults as well as fitted clothing rather than loose and baggy.  Bare arms can be a distraction.

Ladies should put their makeup on as they normally do.  Men should shave an hour prior to the portrait to avoid the “5 o’clock shadow.”

For groups of people: Everyone should coordinate their colors.  Similar tones are important.  Don’t let Grandpa come in his suit while everyone else comes in jeans!  Now I know this can be challenging to coordinate adults from different households BUT you will cherish the photo so much more if you can convince them to gather together the right clothes.  Jeans say “casual”.  Slacks are more formal.  Which way you go is up to you.  The shirt styles are not as important as the color.  Do the best you can!  The photo is still a record for your future generations! Let’s talk about it!  I am here to help you have a great experience.

My goal at all times is to give you an experience with your family that becomes a “Memory Moment.”  When you see your portrait hanging in your home, I hope that there is a story to share of your experience.  I will lovingly retouch, enhance and print on the highest quality photographic paper by a lab that I have chosen for their professional quality.  I want this print to be the one print you protect, grab and take with you.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your inveestment, I will do whatever I can to make it right….reshoot, reprint or refund your money.  No gimmicks.  No hidden fees.  I am not satisfied until you are!

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