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Allison Heine

Another pretty blond!  Allison came to the farm for her senior portraits.  She’s a farm girl herself and was up for anything.  I enjoyed working with her.  She really rocked her session!  It was fun visiting with her Mom Kelly who is originally from Elk Point.   Small world!  Thanks for coming out to Photoart By Jeanne!


2013 VHS Allison Heine

Alayna Jahn

I love babies!  It is so special to me to get to watch a baby grow up!  Not that one year makes you a grown-up  but it is the fastest changes we see in our children.  Alayna has beautiful eyes and her smile reveals her personality, doesn’t it?  Here at Photoart By Jeanne, I give each of my babies special treatment.  But I have to say, Alayna made my job soooo easy.  What a good natured little gal!  Even if we did find out she is not yet found of grass!

Chad and Denise Peterson Family

I was so glad to finally get to meet Denise and Chad.  We had been talking since before Christmas.  Jenna and Connor are my new favorite 2012 models!  They are going to be tough to beat.

Patnaude family

The fun Patnaude family with Claire stealing the show!  These images are NOT processed.  After images are selected, the chosen ones will be put through a MAGIC process of my own to make them ready to hang!  There are a few that have been touched up and you can see the difference.

Caleb Ahart

Could he be any cuter?  Little Caleb has a smile that won’t quit!  You spread a lot of joy to those who love you, Caleb!  Thanks for shining on my day!

Grandma and her kids!

We have to remind ourselves how precious these moments are.  Grandmas are so special…..especially to the little ones, I think.  Taking the time to bring cousins together for a photo with Grandma builds a memory and tells the children that Grandma is important!  The photo of Grandma and kids will bring back all kinds of memories down the road.  Thank you to Erica and her family for letting me be a part of the memory building!  I LOVE families!

Mariah Meadows

I enjoyed Mariah so much. One of the easiest models I have had to do photo touchups. Her freckled face is just beautiful! Thank you for letting me be a part of your senior photo experience. Have a great year! It will go soooo fast!

Mariah Meadows

2012 Senior Model-Elk Point-Jefferson


Colter and his brothers came for a photo session.  As you can see, this little boy is adorable!  And what a joy to photograph.  This is his second session here and we are doing a yearly wall panel for the so important growing years.  We see the little ones leave the baby stage behind and move into “little person” stage!  It is so much fun watching them change.  I was so busy with my own I did not get to do much observing from the sidelines!!  Take those photos!  Then you will have the memories to look back on.  I love photographing children.  I especially love letting them make the pose.  If you are going to a studio, bring along a few of those special things to use as props.  They help make the memory portraits tell stories!  Colter was all ready to go and I saw him in his bibs.  Perfect for a little farm boy….. I had to get a shot.  He, of course, stood and copied his grandpa and daddy as he posed.  Precious!

Jordan Heeren

Jordan got some awesome photos. She is one of my 2011 models from Akron, Iowa. She is active in dance and is an artist! Jordan is Lauren’s twin, in case you were wondering if I put the same girl up twice! Jordan has been great fun in our 4-H club. She works hard on her dance and cheer activities. The collage is one of my favorite things to do as it gives a great memory of the “many faces” of the senior. I suggested she try on my leather jacket. It matched her hair and complexion beautifully and we got a great shot. I like to have a few props like that around for those times when you know it will really work with a client.

Wyatt Chicoine

Wyatt is a competitive young athlete who had a great season kicking for the Elk Point-Jefferson team. It is so much fun for me to get to meet and create a friendship with the high school seniors. I know Wyatt has a great future ahead of him.

Wyatt Chicoine

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